Five Issues Relating To Family court

Family court is a kind of court tasked with hearing all matters relating to family or relationships. It was introduced to minimise cases related to domestic violence and to prevent casualties from such events. Without family courts, there would be no peace or respect for one another in many households. Although it addresses the same matters, different family courts have different ways of addressing issues in different states.

As a partner, you would not want to find yourself in the wrong hand of the law relating to domestic violence. It has helped Australia as a nation to curb many incidents relating to domestic violence by creating an environment where people can talk and solve problems without going rogue.

Family law issues

Here are some of the major issues that are presented in family court hearings:

Child support

Consider a scenario where one parent spends most of their time with the child, while the other is not that engaged with the child due to many duties and responsibilities. The latter has to pay some funds for the upkeep of that child which we are referring to as child support.

Restraining order

Restraining orders bar one person from getting closer to or even talking to another. The first scenario is when a parent is prevented from seeing their child which may be as a result of their bad actions or influence on that child. The second scenario is when a partner is prevented from getting closer to the other partner because they may have bad intentions with their partners.

Property division

Nowadays, marriage is considered to be a form of partnership where both couples are considered to have equal rights on the properties they have. In case they decide to divorce, the family court oversees equal sharing of properties between the couples with an exemption on the gifts and inheritances.

Legal bullying

Legal bullying can occur as a result of one partner failing to obey family court rulings and repeating the same mistakes over and over. Such partners try to delay the process by constantly changing the lawyers and also appeal the judge’s decision when it is clear that the ruling will not change.

Marriage or divorce matters

The court is also responsible for hearing cases related to marriages and divorces. There is usually an age limit in which couples can be allowed to marry each other (18 years and above), or they will be forced to produce a written consent in case the age is below the minimum.

Moreover, either of the couples is allowed to file for divorce if they discover issues related to adultery, physical cruelty, or when they live separately.

Why you should hire family court lawyers in family matters

If you want to file a case involving family matters, you should consider hiring a family court lawyer who will represent you in the court because they are well experienced in family-related matters and understand how to approach the case. Family law lawyers brisbane will help you to organise all the necessary documents and evidence that will help you to present your case in the family court. Once you hire a family court lawyer, you need to give them every piece of information which may be used against you in the court of law and let them decide on how they will handle the situation.

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